Beautiful micro beach day and more crazyness

Took off a little early yesterday (I made the hours up by working until midnight..not all fun and play) to spend some time at the beach. Amazing day. There were a handful of people on the beach. No guys in anything close to a micro but me. THere was a very nice looking mother/daughter combo both wearing g-strings with string backs as small as mine(ass exposed as it should be) and the daughter went topless for a while. We were all bunched together and we chatted it up. Turns out the were here from Italy. As we talked their husbands joined us both wearing Euro style spandex shorts. Funny how me wearing a suit so small it would shock the shit out of a mid westerner did not even garner a comment. They joined in the conversation. I hooked them up with some of my favorite non tourist restaurants and some great day trip ideas. The younger girl was even brave enough to take a dip in the water with me. New friends and a very nice day.

Worked today on the ass stretcher style suit. Got a few comments about a plug for the open area since these units force open your hole and keep it opened. I tried one today and it is amazing but the company does not offer a plug to close it up. That said it could easily be closed with a rubber cork. I tried a number of other exciting products that we will be adding to Koala!

Mens swimwear

3 thoughts on “Beautiful micro beach day and more crazyness”

  1. Meo do a stretcher with a plug (rubber bung) or a screwed in longer plug dildo by the look of it. Like many of the others wish I could do product testing, sounds fun.

  2. Funny when i go to the beach. I dont run into ppl like that. Where do u go, so I can check it out for some cool peeps wearing lil swimwear like me. 🙂

    Mostly Venice between MDR

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