Did you wear Speedos? do you still wear them?

I credit Speedo swimwear with getting me into wearing bikinis and smaller suits. The memory of how my first Speedo felt is a vivid one. I most likely would have never become involved with designing men’s swimwear if I never got up the courage to slip on my first Speedo. I know in many parts of the world and even in many parts of the USA the Speedo and other brief style swimsuits are standard fare for men but growing up in Los Angeles with our surfer beach scene the transition from board shorts to Speedos was a huge step. I remember the first time I wore a Speedo it was around girls I was friends with. Lucky for me they all liked the way Speedos looked on me. Things might have been very different if I first used my Speedos around my guy friends. When you are young your friend’s opinions carry a lot of weight. As we get older we really do get wiser and we no longer need to justify our style with others. I wanted to thank the Speedo company for making suits that turned me on so. I know there are Speedo forums and Speedo groups so I am part of a much larger contingent of men and women who enjoy them. Speedos are no longer my choice for style but with the Olympics  coming soon I still find it very exciting to watch all the men and women swimmers from around the world competing and yes wearing those hot body forming tight fitting wonderful spandex creations.


8 thoughts on “Did you wear Speedos? do you still wear them?”

  1. I wear Speedos when I swim once a week at my local swimming baths, and indeed have about 15 pairs to choose from which I have collected over the years. Other than that, when laying out in the sun either at home or on holiday, it is always a thong/g-string or maybe nude. Once again I have loads of different styles to choose from from mainstream to erotic/provocative styles. Sometimes on holiday I might wear a very brief pair of Speedos to do lap swimming in the pool early evening, just I guess to wear something other than a thong which I would have worn all day sunbathing.

  2. I wore my first Speedo when I was 13 years old. From then on that is the only swimsuit I will wear. They are the best thing… from that I got into my huge underwear fetish. I have more than 1,000 bikinis and thongs. Crazy I know but they way they make me feel is priceless. I so admire the work you do! Love the designs, how creative you are, and most of all they make me feel so good. Horniness is such a great state!!! I love and enjoy when I put them on and carry on. It makes me feel GREAT!!!


  3. Hi, yes i have 7 pare’s of speedos, as soon as i buy them i cut the linning so for tight fit

  4. Always wear Speedo at Public Baths but a size smaller so really tight, shows you off well, get chatted up by both sexes, also have worn a glass butt plug, forgot when changing and found not the only one with one inserted.

    what kind of public baths? is there nudity?

  5. The council run ones close to where I live its the changing room and shower you are all nude together. Only in the baths swimwear, but the one bath in the city is hired to a nudist group.

  6. Seems like things are starting to turn back around as far as suits. It was speedo’s…then getting silly with larger, longer shorts, to board shorts, but now I see a lot of “Jammers”, which are anything from the old speedo style to compression short styles, much better than stupid board shorts.

  7. my girl friend’s/wife’s low-rise bikini bottoms often were briefer than speedos so I quickly developed a preference for them. Rio cut suits often look good worn backwards.

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