I would love to see you in extreme swimwear maybe less.

You guys have all seen me and I would love to see you.
KMC had one of the best Free photo areas for guys to post their extreme swimwear and other crazy shoots. I talked to Carlos at KMC last week and asked him why it was removed.
He told me they had a problem with the carrier but they would be coming back with an even better FREE product. I just received this e-mail with a link and posted some photos of myself. Hope you like them and I hope you post your photos/videos or both!



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Have you ever posted photos on the KMC Users site? If so we need you to re-post your photos and make everyone real happy by adding more of your sexy self.  The all new and easy to use section is KMC Profiles. You can be as nice or nasty as you like. Post your extreme swimwear photos, male chastity shots, nudes or whatever turns you on. This is a completely FREE section and you do not need to be a member to post. If you have never posted photos, what are you waiting for? Share the wealth. We want to see and yes you will get to see everyone else. Do it now! It only takes a few minutes, it’s free, easy and you will be a star at KMC!

One thought on “I would love to see you in extreme swimwear maybe less.”

  1. I finally have some pictures for you on KMC’s free site. Im from North America under Legit76. I wish the weather was better here so i could go to the beach everyday in my micro thongs and gstrings. I love the feeling of being gawked at by gay or straight women and men.

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