My swimsuit search, the weekend, my backside

Searching for a new summer suit has got my juices flowing for new thong, bikini and string bikini ideas. I have about six new ideas for suits I have the girls working on right now. The design I used this weekend at the beach was the Streamline. Awesome suit. Tiny micro bikini rear that sucks up deep into your ass to become a true micro thong. Full covered but ultra micro front pouch that just barely holds my cock. Thin strap between the legs connecting the base of the pouch which ends right at the balls to the bottom of the micro bikini. It leaves the total area between the legs exposed. I loved the way the suit fit and the way it looked on me. The police patrol the beach heavily on holiday weekends and pasted by me on truck and ATV’s at least 30 times. The guys on ATV’s came in for a very close look the first time but I must of passed their fashion test. I would say the bikini rear exposes at least 80% of my full ass cheeks but it still felt like enough coverage compared to the micro g-string I normally wear that I felt fine walking to the water on the very crowded beach. A group of young teenage Asian girls walked by and out came their cell phone cameras. The girl laying near by thought it was the funniest thing ever. She told me that I am now a star

Was looking at some photos today and found this one of a rear shoot of me. Not the suit I was wearing but I like the shoot. Anyone out there willing to spank my backside?

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6 thoughts on “My swimsuit search, the weekend, my backside”

  1. I definitely need to go to the beach when u do and wear some koalaswim suits. I dont get that kind of reaction when I go. Maybe I’m just going to the wrong beach or wrong time. LoL

  2. i would not only like to spank that fine ass but i would give it a rim job you would never forget i personally feel you should keep your crack naturally hairy i think it would make your ass look even finer and it would probaly make it taste sweeter

  3. Cool suit. I am not into spanking or men’s butts, but at 63 I wish mine still looked like that. Oh well. Speaking of seeing what we can get away with at the beach, I live in Long Beach and I always go to an area just before the start of the Belmont Shore penisula that has been micro suit tolerant for the 15 years I have lived here. Monday(Memorial Day) I wore a “suit” that has a small, patterned, semi-sheer mesh pouch and 1/4″ straps for the waist and crack. Pretty damn minimal! The lifeguards drove by and did not care and the LBPD drove right by me in their stupid little cart and waved at me after I waved at them. The life guards never say anything unless there is a complaint and you rarely see the police. The key is to pick a spot away from the beach edge, away from families, and the paths from the street to the beach. I wore the same suit today and there was almost nobody there. Being that naked at the beach is pure pleasure.

  4. Those nice, round buns are perfectly spank-able. You don’t mind having your arms bound, do you? It’d be nice to have both of my hands free, y’know….

  5. Great photo. Which suit is this one. The one you were describing sounds just right

    I am not sure?

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