Low, Mid or High cut thongs.


Thongs come in many shapes and sizes. Since I am working on some new thong designs I wondered if you might be willing to add your two cents to this post. To me the center piece of a thong design is the rear. Depending on where you live many people are still shocked by the sight of an exposed ass as if that might be one of the planets biggest problems. Before I get into too much sarcasm about the state of our country and some of its twisted values let me get back on subject. Our most popular thong designs tend to be lower cut rears. Personally I like the look and feel of a low cut thong but I have to admit on the right ass a high cut thong can be a show stopper. Coming back into their own are mid rise thong rears. I prefer a mid cut if I am in and out of the water at the beach. The mid cut rear just naturally stays in place better than a high or low cut design. The front pouch of a thong can range from full coverage to male enhancement styles, standard cut fronts, narrow cut, micro bulge, ultra micro and there are the fem style suits that are very popular in thong form. My tendency is to offer more low cut style thongs but feel free to chime in and let me know if I am missing something you want or think we should offer!

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