Extreme swimwear leads to other extreme pleasures

Yes we are into extreme swimwear, fetish spandex, male chastity, Lycra sex wear and the list goes on. Why not share with everyone who might be willing to try things I find erotic, exciting, pleasurable and just plain old fun! I mentioned a few weeks ago we were going to be adding more specialty items to our line and we just received them in stock on Friday. In fact the company which makes them for us is just a few blocks away. Yes made in the USA! I picked them up because I wanted to make sure they were here and I understood how they all worked. We will be having a photo shoot Saturday June 23 with KMC. The new items should be online in about two weeks. When I picked them up I received detailed instruction on how to use it all. Most of you know that detailed instruction means trying them out with a pro showing me how they worked, they worked very well and my ass and cock are still recovering from the fun. Most of these new products are made in a machine shop. They include ball crushers(much more fun than they sound) Through hole anlal plugs that open and expose your cavity and a couple of butt bongs…use your imagination. They are nothing short of amazing. If you are a KMC member make sure t catch the live shoot 12:00PM Sat Jun 23 PST.  The new swimwear and fetish wear suits have been selling extremely well and I thank you for investing in my vision of wicked spandex fun in the sun, play by the pool and yes cock play in the bedroom or any other room in the house that works for you. This Tuesday I will be trying on a bunch of new designs we are working on for late summer/fall release. Always a blast.

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Male chastity

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  1. How big will the through hole plug be? Sounds very interesting. Trying to imagine the “bong”.

    You will see soon!

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