Getting busted and almost proud.

If you are adventurous like me you will always push the limits of where and when along with how little a suit you are wearing. Yesterday was one of those you are busted days but not by the police. I was working near downtown LA yesterday and it was so beautiful out I knew I would have to stop and have some lunch at the beach and yes get some micro suit tan. Got down there slipped on my Streamline (a suit I am now so in love with that I am making tweaks and take-offs of it for our next line of suits). There were not very many people down there being a Thursday but I thought there would be more since it was just amazing out.
I laid out for a while and it got so hot I just had to go in the water. What is cool about the Streamline is you can make it a micro Brazil rear. Out to the water I went spending time doing a little bodysurfing in decent sized waves. When I got out there was a big group of people near my towel. It turned out to be a group of guys and girls who work at the gym I go to. There was no where to go other than back to my towel. Everyone was cool but a few guys had some shit to say. They were being nice but asked why I was not wearing that during my workouts. Just yanking my chain a little and I could have been embarrassed in front of them all. I went with the truth which is this is the closest I gen get to nude tanning with out being arrested. I did leave out the spandex freak part but being fitness buffs they could see how having a full body tan would be nice. Wondering what the response will be when I see them at the gym. Will let you know!

Thought I would post a photo of me in one of the new designs. I liked this picture because it looks like my cock is large.

Mens swimwear

2 thoughts on “Getting busted and almost proud.”

  1. Maybe the guys who gave you shit were just trying to act hetero macho in front of the group. They might be more curious if was one-on-one. Don’t be surprised if if at least one of them privately asks you about your suit. Since they work at a gym and are probably in good shape, they might want to show more skin at the beach. Take business cards with you and tell them what you do. Let them know it’s not a “gay thing” but for everyone. It does’t have to be about showing off it can just be how good it feels to be as naked as possible. End of sermon.

  2. Yeah they may hit u up after to ask where u got the bad ass looking swimwear. They gotta look all macho in front of the others. So maybe just maybe, on the side. They’ll ask. Hey whens the best time to hit the marina del rey beach & where do most ppl reside on the beach that wear Koalaswim gear. Cuz i haven’t run into anyone that has. Like at Dockweiler most ppl I see with thongs are around lifeguard tower 47-48

    On the MDR side before Venice is where i see most guys. If you are on the street it would be where the bridge crosses to the homes.

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