I love designing new swimwear

Spent about an hour and a half this morning trying on the fruits of my labor. I tried on ten new designs. Two of them were perfect right off the bat with the other eight needing changes here and there. Most of the new designs are beach suits. Bikinis, Brazilians and thongs. We normally get more right on the first try because my girls are that awesome but we are working with some very interesting new fabrics, some of which I have never seen used on swimwear. Very interesting textures and many of you will be glad to know most are not black. Yes black is my favorite color but once in a while even I need to try something new and exciting. The suits I tried on today in these new fabrics looked fantastic but the tweeks we need to make are based on how the fabrics stretch some of which are very different than standard Lycra spandex.

Mens swimwear

4 thoughts on “I love designing new swimwear”

  1. Speaking of new fabrics, one fabric I would love to see Koala use is lame’. I think a shiny gold lame’ or silver lame’ swimsuit designed by you would be dazzling.

    Think one of the new ones might just do the trick

  2. Hello Dave, I’ve been buying your suits off and on for years,one of your questions about other suits we liked and if we would like more suits in white. I like suits in white but also the yellow and orange and the wet look blue.A must suit to bring back is the Rare Meat in white with the adjustable snap c-ring and g string rear which you should make more of adjustable snap c-rings. Awesome suit my girl loved it need to bring back in white and the bright yellow and orange or maybe the wet look blue/red mine is just about worn out. need some shaft down display suits.egg sack bikini /pinnacle bikini string sides…along with a string back.

  3. why don’t you make all the suits in different colors , people would buy them if they all came in different color selections.they are a few i would buy just in pink

  4. Michael: I have a Design Request! I do have a large set of balls. (and a nice-size cock, so I’m told) But what I’m looking for is something to cup, hold and push my balls forward. And have the dick hanging out of the suit… “free”! Problem is, there are several out there, but they don’t hold the balls ‘in’ and then the cock pulls free… ??? I’ve bought several only to throw them away. 🙁

    Ideas? (cup and hold the balls ‘up’ (for a better bulge) and force the naked cock out!)

    THX! Preston

    Did you look at the new Wet Wonder?
    seems like that would work perfect

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