I would love to have you take a look!

We just added our 1st Summer collection to www.koalaswim.com
I personally invite you to look over the new designs and please make comments about them here. I’m biased towards our own designs but after wearing each and every one of them many times I can say this is an exceptional group. I hope you enjoy them. Gabe is the model and I love him, he is so into wearing the suits. He will eagerly try on the most complicated designs.
Not sure it is going to happen but we will try doing a late summer 2nd group of designs.

I am interested in your feedback
Michael David

2 thoughts on “I would love to have you take a look!”

  1. I am impressed with the cut of the new Tasty Penetration Bikini but would not buy one in pink. Would you consider making some in blue?


  2. Would love to see an ass spark thong with the front like the Mega Stretch and a small thong back more like the Spectacular Thong (or probably smaller).

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