More on new designs and a a big surprise!

Spent the morning going over the new styles with the girls. Lots of bikinis and thongs along with a new side tie g-string that blew the girls away. Of all the suits we make and all the crazy fetish designs we do the reaction from this one was the wildest. I had told them what I wanted but they had not yet seen the main part of the design. This special g-string was made for my new metal anal plug stretcher with gapping open hole that would be incorporated into the suits design. The stretcher is blow away and though it is a challenge for me to get the smallest size in, once it is in the look is spectacular. The girls all had a chance to look and feel the product before we connected the g-string to it and I worked it inside of me. They loved how smooth it was and now looking at the part understood how the concept would work. They could not wait for me to put in on. Once lubed it took me a few minutes of slowly pushing it in to get the fat head of it through. Once that goes in the rest is easy. Judging by their reactions they had never seen a gapping spread open hole where you are literally looking up the wearers ass and seeing what the insides look like. One of the girls grabbed a flashlight to take a very long look. They just could not believe their eyes and I understand it. Years ago we had a female model who blew me away by being able to gape her hole with out a stretcher just muscle control. Wide open and I too loved looking deep inside her!
The girls will get another chance next week because the g-string design needed some changes to work perfectly with the stretcher.

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  1. Love the Anal Strftcher just want to know how long it be warn for does it slip out or stay in and if you want keep it in

    It stays in and feels like it will never come out unless you work to get it out. I could see wearing it all day. It is a little hard for me to get it in but once in it feels great!!!

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