Pouches can look and feel so different

I have been posting about trying on different suits over the last couple weeks and I have picked my steady summer suit. The tan I get from it allows me to wear many other suits but the pouch is a big change from wearing the Slut Boy G-string. The Slut pouch is as micro as it gets leaving almost no tan line near the cock. The pouch squeezes the penis out and shapes it like an egg push down and away from the body. Though the pouch is super small it always looks like a penis is in that package. There is not let up, you always no the penis is being compressed and the shape of the pouch is always consistent. I have changed to the Streamline which is a ultra micro bikini, our smallest bikini rear that easily can be used as a micro thong. The front pouch is also very small but in a triangle shape. It too covers almost nothing but does not compress the cock the same way. So far at all times you can at the very least see the shape of my cock head almost standing straight up and the balls filling the bottom part of the pouch. This is when my shaft is about 1″ normal size until it gets aroused.
One it does get a little erect the pouch size swells and I have found the pre-cum seems to show much more on this suit. I am in and out of the water more to wash it away. That said I feel completely at ease wearing it as a micro bikini at the beach without using any other suit as a cover up.

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4 thoughts on “Pouches can look and feel so different”

  1. Where is this “streamline” suit you are talking about?

    click on entire selection it is way down near the end of the list

  2. Where do I find both suits your talking about. Your search on your site returned zero results.

    The search is not operating at the moment.
    If you click entire selection at http://www.koalaswim.com and search there you will find them. I know it is a pain in the ass but at least the photos are hot.

  3. do you make a pouch for the front without side straps, but which is connected to a butt plug underneath? That way the buttplug holds the front up.

    We have something like that which works with the Ass Spark cock ring butt plug
    Check out the Maniac Pouch I think you will be impressed

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