Todays photo shoot and how it relates to a new design

We did a complete shoot today featuring a very hot gay porn star and some help from me and Jamie. Ball crushers, cock crushers, male chastity devices in hot new colors and styles, butt bongs, anal stretchers and even a very cool shower attachment enema unit. I will go into detail in up-coming blog post but let me say the shoot went great and the photos are looking very good. Now how do these products relate to mens swimwear? many of them do not but they are a blast and you know I am all about fun and being open minded to new adventures. The product that deals directly with a new suit design is the anal stretcher. We have one that has been made custom for us to incorporate it into a g-string. We are working on it now. I did some road testing of the smallest anal stretcher today as we used my poor as for some of the photos. The smallest anal stretcher was the most I could take. The amazing part was looking at the photos after and seeing this gapping hole, gapping for me. It looked so hot and sexy I can’t wait to try one the one built into a suit. By the way the anal stretchers should be online in a week or so and they are fantastic for men and women! 

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  1. Cannot wait for the photo’s in the gaping suit and hope the stretchers go up to some large sizes. What ever happened to those urethral plugs you were talking about some time ago.

    Still thinking about the plugs!
    I have never tried one.

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