Tramp stamp or thong stamp?

We refer to those tattoos on the lower back of men and women right above their butts lovingly as tramp stamps. Personally I enjoy seeing them and I do find them sexually arousing which I assume is part of the attraction. I would like to know if any of you have the same reaction to them. Many more women have them but I see men sporting them more often now. My personal experience is that many of the women I meet that have them are more open minded sexually. I look at that style of tattoo as a go sign to try anal sex first with my fingers and next my cock if they are game. often they are. This all comes to mind because I wonder if a thong tan line on a man singnals the same. Many time I find fingers probing my hole just assuming I want it. In my case I do love the feel of anal stimulation so they are right to assume. The other day I had a Thai massage near work and a man worked on me. I prefer women but he gave me a great massage. Our Thai massage in LA is a mix of Swedish and Thai. I knew something was going on when he started concentrating on my ass. Lots of oil on the rear almost always leads to something more and before I new it the fingers were up there probing and I am still wondering if my new thong tanline looks like an open sign to others?

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5 thoughts on “Tramp stamp or thong stamp?”

  1. Hi Michael,

    yes you’re right: women with an “ass deer head” – so the German name colloquial translated – are more open for sexual adventures and anal play as well. But meanwhile the “Arschgeweih” has come out of fashion in Germany – and so we loose more and more this nice indicator …
    Best regards

  2. Hi there,
    I think you might be right where it comes to the question if the thong tan line is like an invitation to others.
    I believe it might suggest an invitation to anal stimulation.
    The tan line of a thong could be interpreted like an arrow to the anal area.
    Thinking of this it would have the same effect as you describe to have with the tramp stamp.
    Don’t you think?
    If my thinking is right I should tan in thongs or strings more often 😉
    Greetings from a rainy Netherlands…

  3. My impression of anyone with a tatoo is that they’re either more open minded or certainly a bit out of the norm, which would imply sexually as well, but I haven’t had the pleasure of testing the latter hypothesis 🙂 I love sunning with my Shock Thong specifically to show that barely there string tan line, which to my mind shouts that I want both men and women to look at me sexually…

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