Great tan and the German girl

I spent all day today looking at model photos and the new suits. Wow there are more bikinis this time around, many more extreme bikini borderline thong styles in our new collection. I used one of them today on my lunch break around the pool. The first time this week. It has been too hot even by the pool. The suit I used today is almost identical to the Streamline in that it is designed to be used as a thong but when walking around you have the option of wearing it as a micro bikini. This was in a metal style spandex fabric with a micro pouch. It is very reflective when the sun hits it. A real attention getter. Today’s session was for sides only one of the areas I tend to tan least. I find it a pain to lay on my side on the beach but it works well on a lounge chair. By the time I was finished and back to work I had very nice easy to see white lines against my brown skin. This after noon I had a great work out at the gym and I even had a chance to exercise my jaw muscles talking to many guys and girls. There is one special German girl that goes to my gym who is just outstanding. Tall, very tan, blond and beautiful. On top of that all she is sweet as can be and has a body to die for amazing! She is so hot that I notice guys rarely talk to her and girls just stare. I do not see her often but when I take a few minutes to chat. Today she mentioned how tan I looked and I said not nearly I dark as yours. She said she had been off the last few days and had been to the beach. She wears short shorts that just barely cover her cheeks while working out I can’t imagine what she wears at the beach, well maybe I can. I said that sounded great and how nice the beach must of been the last couple days. She said she was going back on Friday and I told her how jealous I was. She invited me to go! I told her that I would love to be I had to work and that I don’t wear these big baggy trunks to the beach but something much smaller. Like what she said and I told her I wear a thong. No big deal lots of guys in Germany wear bikinis and she asked if I was sure I would not join her. Fuck how stupid am I! but I do have so much to do in the morning. I took her number and said if I could get away I would. I have a feeling should would be wearing a G-string. Just a guess but if my body looked like hers I would go nude everywhere until I was arrested!

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  1. I spent 2 years in Germany in the Army and had a girlfriend for a while. If you ever have a chance like that again, call in sick, use lots of sunscreen at the beach, and enjoy her. Otherwise, give me her phone number.

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