Locked away in the valley no beach bikini time!!

We are literally locked out of the beaches this weekend. Shit! The 405 freeway for those of you not familiar is considered the busiest one in the world and it connects one side of LA with the other. They closed it this weekend which you most likely heard about on the news. Crazy stuff. It is still way to hot today to go out by the pool but we just might all get together Sunday and see who wears the sexiest suit. Boy or girl. I will do my best to win!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Locked away in the valley no beach bikini time!!”

  1. HI Mike,,i recently am changing my underwear,so will need a few sexy pair,but recently i bought a streamline and a temptress g string,wow they are great especially the streamline,,the other i have to fight a little to get my balls into the pouch but once they are in its a great feeling,,want to say well done on the design,,,and can you suggest a nice see thru pouch to buy for me next please,,cheers Terry.

    It is hard to pick just one!


  2. How about taking Sepulveda? But as a former Angeleno, I can well imagine that could have been gridlocked from the Valley through the airport.

    Insanely backed up

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