Amazing beach day and more new suit news

Amazing beach day and more new suit news

OMG can it really be summer? It was close to 80 at the beach here in LA today. After a couple weeks of cold weather it looks like we are going to get at least a week or great beach days. I was out in my micro bikini wearing it as a thong. There was a fair amount of people at the beach considering it is the middle of winter. Love seeing the bikinis when it gets warm. There must of been thousands of people out today by the beach riding bikes.  Many girls in bikini bottoms and tops. Not sure if there are many things sexier, girls on bikes, young guys on bikes with no shirts showing off their hot bodies.  Maybe hot guys on bikes with no shirts wearing bikinis…that would be hot! Come to think of it why not girls in bikinis with no tops, that makes as much sense to me as guys with no tops. Which seems to be perfect.

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How about Gold member? Well not sure about the name but the suit is a one-off of the Raging Wetness (one of the best-selling cock shape suits ever) It is done in a very similar fabric, sort of a rubberized spandex feel but this one is in shocking gold. Can’t imagine how this design filled with a hard cock shimmering in the sun at the beach would look like totally reflecting the sun. It might even draw a little attentionJ

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  1. Your comments remind me of when I moved here in the LA area in August 1973. The first time I went to Venice I saw 2 girls rollerskating wearing only pasties and a pussy patch with floss. I was fresh out of the Army and knew I found my new home. I went to the nude beaches right away and now I wear microsuits. Keep up with the cool designs.

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