Men’s swimwear and sex wear fetish designs

Continuing information on new men’s swimwear and fetish wear designs. I have been telling everyone I can about how awesome our Anal Exploration suit with the custom fitted gaping hole anal plug. This design has far excided our wildest expectations and based on that and our customer feedback we are offering a number of new swimwear and sex wear designs.  I have included a photo of me trying on a sex wear style just relaxing and taking a little break. Anal sex is definitely the next big wave for straight men.

You see more and more articles in magazines everyday about the joys of anal and how it is not just something for gay and bi men to enjoy. The truth is at least for me it took getting used too but it is so enjoyable, stimulating and arousing I cannot do without it any more. Adding sex suits is just a natural progression since once the plug is in place you are just aching to clamp down around it and it totally intensifies any type of sex. It also looks amazing.

Mens swimwear




4 thoughts on “Men’s swimwear and sex wear fetish designs”

  1. i wish you had a suit that was a standard small pouch in front that split the balls for a camel toe but not as severe as the Mangina.

  2. Getting your eager hole fitted, getting aroused, getting off stroking that delicious dick. Quite a perk of your job, I’ll bet. And a great marketing strategy. Thank you for sharing this product and your pleasure.

  3. As a “P.S.” to what I wrote above, I just wanted to add, Mr. David, that your accounts of getting aroused while getting fitted for suits, having your hole lubed and probed while your dick stiffens and glistens – these stories are so fucking hot! So are your descriptions of the amazing orgasms your designs produce. Reading through these narratives, I’m one horny guy, stroking my own dick, wondering if you’re going to tell us that you reached the point of no return and exploded in a mind-blowing climax. The idea of all of this happening as part of a day’s work – including “taking a little break” to jerk off in the photo
    above – it’s all amazing fantasy material for the exhibitionist in me. Do you moan when you get turned on and when you cum? Feel free to add to future stories.

    I just wanted to let you know of the good deeds you do in spreading intense pleasure. We can never have enough of this! And now, I must return to my stroking my precum-lubed dick, riding the wave of ecstasy as long as I can, before those hot scenes you describe – and my imagining myself as your own personal fluffer who gets turned on and cums alongside you – send me into an in-fucking-credible orgasmic orbit. (Maybe after I recover from that experience, I should check out purchasing these products that you’ve so convincingly marketed! Will be in touch.)

    the point of no return and

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