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I posted a photo of the new enhancement men’s swimwear design that we are working on a couple of weeks ago. Right after it was posted we had a number of e-mails asking us to offer it in both a bikini (the one that was shown) and if possible a G-string. I thought that made a lot of sense so I had the girls create a sample huge pouch G-string male enhancement suit and tried it on the other day. It is amazing and yes I decided on the spot to add it to our February collection. I made one other change to both the bikini and G-string adding a much thicker D-ring. The D-rings are the metal pieces inside the suit used to tighten up the cock strap. These thicker D-rings just blew me away we had never used anything like them. Not only did they help fill the pouch more but they were so solid and heavy that the feel of them against my cock offered a full time level of arousal.

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