Adding new suits for the beach

I had a chance last week to visit the beach and i enjoyed myself tanning in my micro bikini. The thought came to me to start mixing things up a little bit when I am doing my beach thing. There are a few styles I will be wearing this coming beach season like the Thunder Pouch suit on those days I want my man goods to not be missed and I will do a day where I wear one of the designs with the 1.5″ anal spreader plug just because the thought of being out on the beach with my hole open and exposed scars me a little, I might just need some company on that day for moral support. I wish I could do the 2″ plug but it is just a little to big for me. The suits with the new 2″ custom anal plugs have been some of our very best new sellers so no doubt there are lots of guys it fits just fine. I am thinking about adding the Dangerous Thong as one of my regular suits just because it is so hot looking. I love the way the fabric looks. It even looks good on me (-:
Friday we were trying out new models. I asked our newsletter readers to let me know what they liked better, Feminine men or muscle guys. So far the overwhelming response has been muscle guys. Had some nice looking guys over but no one that did it for me so I guess I will keep looking. I know this is not everyone thing but we also had a very hot T-girl come by Friday and try on suits. She might do a KMC photo shoot and she was just so cute. Her tiny shaved penis was still functional and we had a great time fitting her into some of our cock exposing and cock shaped suits. Her cock was about the same size as mine when it got hard. She was totally into it and loved wearing the different suits.

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  1. just wondering how the Anal Stretcher Plug would cause anal infection… does anybody actually wear it when swimming?

    I have used them in the pool and at the beach a number of times and have never had a problem.

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