More muscle guys and Bobbi and me

More on muscle guys. Last week I received a lot of feedback about newsletter readers wanting to see muscle guys in sexy mens swimwear and fetish wear over fem guys about ten to one. This week I received a number of responses with a twist. They wanted to see fem muscle guys and when I say fem I mean shaved, small cocks, wearing feminine suits and so on. Thought that was an interesting twist. We are shooting tonight at KMC for our new cock ring corner and using a T-girl but we might have a couple of huge muscle guys drop by. Wonder if I can get the muscle boys to play with the pretty T-girl?

Yesterday was one of those almost perfect LA days. About mid 70s and a nice breeze. Now I always tell you about my secret pool spot/ micro vacation spot right by my work. It is a beautiful tropic pool area at a townhouse I have owned for years and rented out. In my other life I was a Real Estate broker. As an investment this has never been a great unit but I keep it because I will not give up my pool! My tenant there is named Bobbi and she is an older lady with grand children who live next door. I talked to her once in a while and see her every once in a while around the pool mostly during the summer. She is familiar and appreciates the suits I wear. Shes so cute, she thinks they are sexy. Back to yesterday I was laying out around the pool micro bikini shoved way up my butt making it a micro thong, kinda cool how when you do that it opens up the cheeks so there is a little air circulation flowing in that nice warm area. I heard some sounds around the gate and saw a couple little girls and an older women. To far out of my sight range without glasses. They hung around a while and the lady was busy starring. They walked off and a little later it was back to work for me. As I am driving out I see the lady with the kids and it turns out to be my tenant Bobbi. I stop and ask how everything is going and she asks was that you around the pool wearing your sweet nothings? I said it was and she said at first she could not tell if I was a man or a women but she decided a man. I said thanks. She said honey you have a very nice ass. I said thanks and I hope I am just as horny as her when I am that age.

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