New design works like magic

This blog is from the just happened 30 minutes ago file. Beautiful here today and needed to take a nap in the sun. Got to my secret pool and to my surprise it was all torn up being re-plastered and re-tiled. I almost gave up but remembered the building next door has a small pool and it is actually part of the same complex. I have only used it a few times over the last few years. I also decided to wear a new suit. Picked the Micro Me because of the beautiful blue color and because I wanted a more subdued feminine looking pouch. I put the suit on at work and my bulge was as flat as a typical camel toe. Much more girl then boy. Got to the pool and there were just a few chairs there. One had an older lady getting some sun. I wondered what her reaction to my very tiny suit would be since I had no choice but to grab the lounge right next to her. She looked over as I pulled my shorts off and said hello. She said she had not seen me here before and I told her what was going on next door with the other pool. We chatted a couple more minutes and I covered my face with a towel and tried to get a little nap in. About a half an hour later I heard here getting up and gathering her things. I said it was nice meeting her and she said the same. The funny part came next when she said honey I am very open minded and I think your suit is cute but if you use this pool on the weekends I don’t think you will be able to go topless. I told her she was right. The whole time she figured I was a women. Another Koala design doing it’s job.

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