Blending In with my tiny swimsuit a rare full body photo of me!

Blending in

Saturday was a fantastic beach day, got to the beach late and decided I just wanted to blend in so I picked the most crowded spot on the beach almost all girls in bikinis and thongs. Felt just like one of the girls in my tiny thong. It is not that I felt any less of a man but I felt like I fit in. It is funny how more and more people set up right around me and that they were all girls or couples. Sometimes it is nice not to have a bunch of teenage guys around you. They rarely say anything but it is so much more relaxed around the girls. With my tiny penis I think I would blend in better in the girl’s locker room too.

Sorry no real models but here is a rare full body shoot of me in one of the upcoming new suits.

10 thoughts on “Blending In with my tiny swimsuit a rare full body photo of me!”

  1. Nice to associate a face and full body to parts of your body we already know from the site and blog.
    What a great tan! Lucky you to live in a place with marvelous all year round weather.
    I’m starting to hit the beach here, even if the Summer as not officially arrived and these last days of Spring are a bit embarrassed and showing not so much Sun as we would like, hope to work on my tan in the next weeks

    I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your sunny days

  2. You certainly look hot in that thong…wish guys in Ohio would wear those out in public too!

    Thanks! I thought there were nude beaches in Ohio?

  3. I am a happily engaged 38 year old who has been looking for swimwear of a different sort. I came upon your web site and love some of the designs. I am of the mind that smaller is better and the sexier it makes me feel is a necessesity. But I do have some questions. We have two small boys and no where private to wear these fashions. I am looking for something tiny and sexy that shows off my best assets and tools that wont be considered inappropriate in public or around the boys. Something that has some ass coverage but not too much. i also am looking for something fully revealing for when it is just my fiancee and I that I can wear around the house. I do really like the anal plug but she isnt really into me wearing the g-string or thong. so minimal ass coverage and barely covered penis is a must. I was also wondering about fashions with the tan through technology. So i was wondering if you could give me some suggestions as to what to get seeing as I dont have anything of yours yet but really want to try some.

    Sorry no tan through stuff but we do have styles that are so small tan through is not needed. We do offer many micro bikinis that I do and would wear anywhere. It comes to choice but make sure to choose the entire selection button and check out all the styles. Only you know what will look best on your body.

  4. I was wondering if you ever thought about taking a micro pouch and micro brazilian cut back like the one photo on the blog and attached them with four of your g-string straps over the hips and one between the legs. That would be very sexy.


  5. hey michael david great to see a complete picture of you finally you truly are a super hot stud and why do you keep saying yo have a tiny penis it sure looks good enough to me in this recent photo. by the way love your super sexy nipples ever condider piercing them ?i think you would look super hot with a nice set of nipple rings i thnk they would draw attention more to you and your swimwear and your fine penis what do you think?

    I like the way piercings look but I am a big chicken!

  6. Great pic – looking good there Michael!!

    Thanks still working on the body nothing I can do about the face:-)

  7. you look very sexy in this swimm suit.
    I think your tiny penis will be not so tiny when I am around you at the beach.
    You have a great body too.
    Love, Pieter

    I’m sure you could make it bigger

  8. It is legal at all Ohio state parks for women (and men!) to be topless, and for both sexes to wear g-strings. Depending upon the particular park and the local authorities, one can get away with practically nothing, but going totally nude, unless in some very secluded area, is not a good idea.

    That is awesome!!!!
    G-strings and nothing more is almost perfect!

  9. wow! papi que rico!
    you are very handsome and you look really great in that sexy little suit. i also love your tan and would love to see your sexy thong tan-line. by the way great legs 😉
    i hope to bump into you @ the beach, and maybe tan together in our tiny thongs. Hope to see more of you.

    I am there all the time!

  10. Not to date myself, but I have ordered suits from you when you were still publishing paper catalogs. One of my favorites and I still have I don’t remember the name of it, but it was in the color fuschia. The back of this suit is cut similar to the snake charmer bikini but the front is what I really liked. It has a u shaped elastic where the shaft sits and the boys are on either side of it. Have you thought about bringing the older styles back with a twist. Maybe thong or g-string? Mine still looks good. I wear it for very special occasions only. I’m not model material but it’s nice to see somebody wearing your suits the way they should be worn.

    You should send in a picture of the suit so I can try to figure out which one.

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