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I have talked about grooming our private parts many times but I still get a ton of e-mails asking about it. One question pops up more than any, how do I get the hair off my balls. There are four ways. Have the hair laser removed. I have done this and I can say from experience that it hurts but it is effective, it is also expensive and needs to be done a number of times. It does not get rid of it all so over time you will need some of the other methods too. Have your balls waxed. Waxing the balls also hurts but after being done a few times you get used to it. The most important issue is to find someone who is very experienced doing men. There are many more people waxing men now-a-days.  Tweeze them.  It hurts a little but is very effective. It does take a lot of time and it is much more fun if you have a friend do it. If you are super hairy down there it is not a great option. Shave your balls. This might sound scary but I have done it so many times it becomes second nature. Do it in the shower after you are done soaping your body down in hot water. Use a high quality multi blade razor and take your time. Make sure to get it all including the underside and ass hole. I would highly recommend using Tendskin which you can get at Koala Mens Swimwear or at most beauty supply stores.  I would love to see all men shaved but at minimum completely trimmed when wearing micro swimwear.

One more note I recently ordered the Tria Laser and should start soon working on my cock to make it completely hairless all the time. Will post updates.

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  1. I have hated the look of a hairy body, period. I have been shaving my groin area and balls for like 30 years. I shave in the shower after washing my hair and body, then I shave my crotch,balls,ass,stomach,and breasts. I have been trying the no-no. It did make my leg hair come in lighter, after using daily for about 8wks. I tried it on my chest and breasts, groin area, but the heat is just not hot enough for the thicker hair, so I am stuck shaving. One important tip is to always shave with the hair direction, not against it or you will get crotch itch and in-grown hairs…. not good. Also, when shaving your balls, pull your balls up with your other hand to give a good flat surface; stroke from ass up the balls and up the sides. Other wise, I even shave the few hairs on my penis. Just hold your dick up, with your other hand and shave down the shaft toward your ass hole. It’s no big deal. To shave your ass-hole, put your foot up on the tub top with knee bent at 45. Soap up your ass,put your other finger over the hole, so you don’t cut it,reach around behind you running the blade from the back of the balls up around your ass toward your back. Do the same for the other side. After much practice, you won’t need to use your finger to cover your ass-hole. I have tried Nair and it worked great for a couple of times, and then I developed a horrible rash that itched like crazy. My skin also was plagued with all of these bumps. Never again!! I would love to hear how well the home laser works. One is pretty pricey and the other one is a roll type laser that is quite a bit cheaper. I have thought about it, permanent hair removal would suit me just fine. Here’s hating the time it takes to get rid of it, but so much better when it is gone.

    Thanks for the info. I will update you on the laser results

  2. I would just like to say I really love your suits. I tried to order several but I found no update button, no checkout button, thus no card button. I would like to order, can you assist me?? I have gone through your line twice, second time ordering. Am I going to have to go through them again and remember which ones I ordered?

    Not sure what is going on I checked the site and it is working but sometimes computers have issues with sites. Feel free to e-mail me your order and I can process it for you.

  3. Michael – you left out electrolysis. My pubes have been hairless for many years and it doesn’t grow back like it does with a laser. It is somewhat painful but the results are worth it.


  4. Michael – you left out electrolysis. My pubes have been hairless for many years and it doesn’t grow back like it does with a laser. It is somewhat painful but the results are worth it.


    Lou I have had it done on my shaft and it hurts!

  5. I agree – it is somewhat painful the worst being the asshole. There are so many nerves there I can only stand 1/2 hour at a time on the butt hole. I know you can get emla cream and apply before the electrolysis to cut down on the pain. I have done my chest, pits, stomach, pubes, shaft and butt hole for years. Still need more work on the pits, stomach and butt. I want to do the legs in the future.

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