How is your head looking when wearing micro men’s swimwear?

How is your head looking when wearing micro men’s swimwear?

One of my favorite things about wearing micro swimwear is how the shape of the penis shows through the fabric and this is especially true when it comes to showing off the penis head. Many men myself included have cocks that shrink in the water. In my case it starts off fairly small. Once in a while I like to wear a suit that shows a lot of shaft or cock size using our male enhancement designs but most of the time I prefer to go small. The bulk of the time my shaft is standing straight up all 1” of so but the cool part about many of our swimwear designs is that they were created to have the head bulging against the fabric.  I think showing off a head bulge is very sexy. It is nothing over the top and I am sure most people can see how small you are at least at the time but I just think that the shape of the penis head looks so good pressed into unlined spandex. One of the suits I have been using more and more lately is the Heavy Metal Micro. Once you slide on this design the cock head looks like it has had liquid metal spandex formed over it. Being very reflective it shows itself off very well. I was at the pool the other day wearing it and talking to some neighbors. A number of times I caught them looking at my shiny pouch with my protruding but not over the top head showing through. Do you enjoy showing off this part of your cock? Does it turn you on to show off just the penis head?

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  1. I love to show off my nice Mushroom head with PA… 😉
    like to show it off in Small mesh or See-thur micro suit and love the looks I get on the beach.

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