Men’s bikinis, thongs and G-strings Normal? Newsletter link

Are people getting used to seeing men wearing bikinis, thongs and G-string swimwear?

My thoughts are that since more and more men are wearing these designs at the beaches I visit people are getting used to seeing them and it is just not that big a deal any more, not the same shock value which I think is a very good thing indeed.. In addition I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago just over night but I always make it a point to visit some of the hot hotels pool areas and noticed a number of men wearing bikinis that were not Speedos but real bikinis, some of which I was relatively sure were Koala suits. It was not that long ago when people at the beach saw girls wearing tiny thongs that their jaws would drop. Sure I was never one of those jaw droppers I loved the show of sexuality and body liberation but these girls are no longer subject to disapproving looks, they are just accepted and enjoyed as part of the beach scene. The reason this question came to my thoughts this morning was yesterday while spending a few hours at the beach working on my tan and wearing a micro thong I noticed quite a few families setting up camp all around me. Not one or two but by the time I left there were many younger families with kids playing and parents lounging seemingly with nothing more than a smile for me. There were plenty of other spots for them to spread their out their towels away from the guy wearing almost nothing but it just did not seem to register with them. Could it be that we are finally moving into new territory?  I have noticed for years and have blogged about it in the past that women of all ages have no issues plunking their stuff down right next to me, my guess with that is they figure I am gay and will not bother them which in my case is at least partly true because I am there to relax, the beach being one of my favorite parts of the planet. I love the fresh air coming in right off the ocean it cleanses and rejuvenates me.  Let me know your feelings about the beach, lake and other places you have been seen wearing your spandex swimwear and what sort of response if any positive or negative you have recently had.


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2 thoughts on “Men’s bikinis, thongs and G-strings Normal? Newsletter link”

  1. i tend to agree. whenever i visit any hotel for work trip i would wear my micro transparent thong and i find noone cares. i was recently in hongkong and malaysia and wore micro thong that was transparent and none cared. it was more than acceptable. i make it a habit to now pack my micro swim thongs on every trip.

  2. Ohhh, I think you live in a different part of the world. If i went out in public in a koala suit where I live, i would probably be arrested, or beaten up at best.

    So for now i’m confined to my house and my photo studio… and I think it will stay that way for a long time.

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