Micro bikini to thong might be my perfect swimsuit

June is just about perfect in LA but not at the beach. We have what is called June gloom which means for the better part of the day our beaches have a marine layer, not every day but often. This is the time of year where it is just great in the valley and I have been taking my lunch by the pool everyday this week. I have been wearing the Heavy Metal Micro Bikini. I figured that since the kids our out of school I would wear a suit that cover at least part of my ass. It covers about 30% of my cheeks but when I am tanning I use it as a thong. The pouch is very small and fits beautifully but the things I like best about this design is how reflective the fabric is, how my penis head pops and the shape is clearly visible and how it looks like liquid metal poured over you. The bikini came in handy today. The entire week I have been the only one out there. Today not five minutes after I grabbed a lounger and changed my micro bikini to a tiny thong a group of girls my guess young collage ones appeared and grabbed the loungers next to me.

I heard a few giggles and my guess is that a few of them snapped photos on their phones to share with friends. Maybe I should tattoo Koalaswim.com on my ass cheek.

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