Short shorts and men’s swimwear cover ups

How far up the ass should they go?

I would love to hear your feelings on this subject.

As I said before we are working on short shorts and I am getting very into it. There are tons of designs on the market from other companies and you might guess ours are going to be as sexy as any shorts you have ever seen. One of the things that motivates me to make hot shorts for men is how great the girls at my gym look wearing their spandex little shorts. I just love the styles that ride so deep in their ass that you can just about see the texture of the skin and where the hole starts. Hey I might be a perv but I am pretty sure that is how many guys see it, I just have a talent for expressing those thoughts in words.

I want shorts for guys that go up the ass as far as physically possible. That is what I would like to see and wear. Just like you had your ass spray painted. I want that kind of fit. Now the question is what kind of fit do you want?

Mens swimwear

Here is another photo of me in a new summer design

15 thoughts on “Short shorts and men’s swimwear cover ups”

  1. I like your Idea for the sexy “cover-up/booty short” maybe a pouch up front??
    and colors like red’s blue’s greens colors that would match a shirt or tank…
    and I love a nice Cheeky type back on woman and men.

  2. Ok, how high up depends on whether one is trying to be slutty (blatant) or sexy (teasing.) The Japanese like shorts that only go half-way up, which is fine with me when I’m feeling slutty. But to go to a gym or HomeDepot, I prefer running shorts that just happen to be thin and tight. They go all the way to the top of my crack, but no further. If I leave off my shirt, one can see the dimple at the top. But my cheeks are completely covered by a thin jersey cotton that reveals I’m commando. I wear no more than a 2″ leg, which flaps open a little in front, teasing anyone who cares to stare. Especially if I choose to carry something which pulls the front up!

    Where are the photos?

  3. Bring it! You’re talking -exactly- what I want to buy and wear! Tiny, painted-on and sassy is da bomb.

  4. I would like them as you suggest, up the crack as tight as possible. But I would also like is something with some length as well as micro short. Something that I can wear to the gym or bicycling, maybe a 9″ inseam. There are lots of compression shorts out there, but nothing that goes up the crack at all for guys. I am sure it is doable, years back Koala even had some spandex shorts with a rear seam, maybe a 6″ inseam. But they did not really pull into the crack all that well. I see women’s compression/yoga pants out there, and most of them ride up the crack wonderfully! Of course, a little pouch in the front would be great.

    Thinking about the pouch but would love it to go up my ass far enough to see the outline of my hole.

  5. I too love that look on women – deep up the ass and a near camel toe in front. Making me horny just thinking about it.

    But I’d like a pair of short shorts that are loose (like running shorts) and just long enough to reach the bottom of the cheek. When you bend over, cheek is exposed. You can pull them up a bit higher to expose more cheek. That way I could wear them pretty much anywhere.

    If they are too short and I can only wear them on the beach.

    Hopefully you can design a few different looks from conservative to extreme?

    Loose means some thing other than using spandex. what is your thought?

  6. I would prefer the shorts show a lot of cheek and that they ride deep such that if I squat you can see where the hole starts. Also if they were spandex rather than cotton, they can double as gymwear and swimwear. I’m getting excited writing about this, I hope you’ll be able to release the shorts with the summer collection.

    One pair will be released in June but more will come August.

  7. Definitely “cheeky” short shorts are the best. Tight, rather than loose fitting, too. I think they should leave maybe one quarter to one half of the buttocks exposed. They can almost become bikini shorts.

  8. I love this design! But… as with all of these penis highlighting designs, how to handle inevitable shrinkage? or just assume we wear them for a short time during which we’re at least half-aroused?

    Cock rings help

  9. The look of highlighted ass cheeks turns me on a lot, so the higher the shorts go and the more form fitting they are the better! But they need to stay on well, not just slide off…


  10. I have a favorite pair of short-shorts that are almost completely worn out and can’t find a replacement for them anywhere. The have a normal rise with two pockets. They have an expandable waist and fit almost snug when on. They are white, no-iron, machine washable cotton fabric. i wish i could send a picture.

    Send a picture to

  11. I agree. As far up the ass as possible. Help to hold in a but plug.

    Not sure about the plug but it could be fun

  12. Nylon probably. Black with white trim. Slits on the sides. Old school Dolphin shorts basically.

  13. I too love the design but I agree with Wis. I’ve tried these designs before and the problem is always the same – they look great when aroused but not in a …shall I say “normal” state.

    My advice to you when designing a suit like that is: make the pouch as small and as elastic as possible. A smaller pouch that stretches will accommodate both “growers” and “showers”. A built-in soft cock ring (like a woman’s pony tail hair tie) would be great.

    Also, that design would look great with some almost-but-not-quite sheer fabric 😉

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