The new summer collection update.

We should have the entire stock of new designs here at our warehouse before the end of the week. I think we are only missing a couple suits in one size each. That means we are real close. We did the photo shoot in two sessions last week. We had to break it up to two because one of the models took a couple Viagra’s and mixed it with some cold medicine and passed out right at the start of the shoot. He is OK and he came back to shoot the huge 2” plug designs on Friday. The other models were not anal skilled as he was. There is always a little drama going on during a shoot but we got all the shots we needed and they are looking good. I hope to get them all up by the Weekend. My fingers are crossed.

Mens swimwear

Here is another shoot of my trying on a suit from the new collection.

2 thoughts on “The new summer collection update.”

  1. I wore the Anal Exploration g-string for the first time in public yesterday. I am proud that I was able to set aside my inhibitions. I always get a rush when I reach my favorite spot on the beach and remove my cover-up. Yesterday those emotions were pleasurably intense as I realized that I was about to do something pretty daring.

    I know what MD means by “anal skilled.” It took me a couple tries to figure out how insert the plug and the get the strings tied properly on the g-string. I wanted to be able to do this quickly and easily because the changing area at my beach is only semi-private, and inserting the plug is not something I would want to do in front of a conservative audience.

    I have been a Koala fan for many years, but this g-string is the most radical , sexy and daring suit I have even worn in public. The pouch on the g-string is very tiny, and the strings that hold the suit around my waist are very thin. I must have “a Brazilian” to wear it. Since I shave my entire body that is not a problem.

    In addition for that who would like to try this suit, the g-string was nothing to do with holding the plug in your body. Once it is inserted it is firmly attached in you, and the g-string merely provides the minimal coverage to keep you legal.

    The suit is a little discrete if you can be casual while wearing virtually nothing in public because the end of the plug is not visible when you are walking or standing. When you bend over, sit or squat, however, well your little secret will be revealed!

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