Trying on the new men’s swimsuits and fetish wear

Friday was our try on all the swim and fetish wear designs with the girls and take photos so I can write the copy day. This is not our photo shoot but me trying on all the designs, making sure all the changes and tweaks are perfect and taking detailed photos of each so I can write all the copy we use on the site. When I am wearing the suits and then looking at the photos it gives me more inspiration for writing inspired copy than if I am looking at hot models wearing them. I think it is about the excitement and fun that I feel every time I slip on a suit and I get to pretend I am a model. The summer collection includes bikinis, extreme Brazilian bikinis, thongs, G-strings and always a nice selection of fetish swimwear/sex wear. Our production is moving along at a great pace and it looks like they will all be online and in stock by the end of June.

I included one shoot of me wearing a new bikini. Sorry we can’t all be modelsJ


Mens swimwear

3 thoughts on “Trying on the new men’s swimsuits and fetish wear”

  1. Michael, love the tan. Looking good!
    How are those short shorts coming along? I need them ASAP. 🙂

  2. Nice message and great photo, MD, you should post more of your pictures as you develop your copy. Please post front and back!

    It builds excitement and anticipation for the new collection. Quite a tan you have working.

  3. I just love the ass coverage on these. Wish I could see the front. This may be a definite buy if they came in solid colors.

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