How fem can we go. Men’s swimwear extremes

The beach on Saturday was awesome lots of people and I was not the only one micro. There were men and women hanging in tiny suits. Needless to say that warmed my heart. I had a girl come up to me while I was playing in the surf and asked where she could get a suit like mine for her boyfriend.

Now let’s go back to last week and even for me one of my more crazy design sessions. You might say I am fascinated with making the perfect men’s vagina look swimsuit and fetish wear. Our gender bending designs are some of the most popular suits we offer and I enjoy wearing them myself. There really is nothing like being able to channel your inner feminine being and see it complete when you are wearing a swimsuit/underwear panty that changes you from male to female. We deal with extremes from bulge suits to pussy wear styles.  I had three new ideas for vagina look designs and I brought the girls over a couple photos of nude girl’s in the doggie style position and said that is the exact way I want a man’s vagina suit to look if the wearer is in that same position and when he is standing up the lips are in the most realistic position. They were not sure if it could be done. Playing with my cock all the time I know it can be molded into that shape perfectly but I too am not sure it can be done with fabric. I got on their table completely nude and while one of the girls held my shaft completely inside of me I had the other pull my balls back hard while pulling the skin in the middle so it appeared as pussy lips. The balls pulled back hard enough will go almost to the anus which is identical to the female body. The girls had the best view of what was going on and they said it looked almost identical to the girl’s in the photos.  We talked about it and we had a third girl come over and carefully trace the position and shape of my balls in the pulled back position. I hope to know next week if the suit shape I am looking for can be done and if so will it work. We are working on three different styles to do the same thing but each in its own way. If it works I can also say having one with a butt plug attachment is a must. I think being bent over with a vagina that looks that hot one needs to be penetrated too.

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3 thoughts on “How fem can we go. Men’s swimwear extremes”

  1. Hello…
    WOW that New Fem Suit Sound Great can’t wait to see how it looks and order if it comes in good colors.

  2. Have you ever considered bringing back the Pink Satin Mangina? That suit had a dedicated following. When you stopped producing it in the early 2000’s I had guys sending me emails to see if I would sell some of the extras I had.

    I liked the pink but it was not a giant mover. The black was always more popular and we offer it.



  3. Wow…I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!
    The only thing that I don’t LOVE about the fem suits is the thong back. I’d love to have a pussy suit that didn’t have a strap covering the goods. That way I could get fucked without needing to adjust the suit.

    working on it!

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