Mens Chastity Blog and Locating a Slave Trainer

Mens Chastity Blog and Locating a Slave Trainer

While reading a male chastity blog the other day, I came to the conclusion that this lifestyle is more that it might initially seem to most people. I have been involved in the male chastity lifestyle for a while now, but never really thought of it as much more than wearing a device and keeping myself from getting a random erection. But this blog had a post about the training aspect and what being a chastity slave is all about, and I realized that I was missing out on this little part. Somehow, I needed to find someone that would be willing to train me.

I started paying more attention to what the male chastity blog was saying about having a trainer and I started to consider the people that I had in my life to see which one would fit the role of a trainer the best. Unfortunately, the people that I knew weren’t ready to learn that I was wearing a chastity device, let alone handle the fact that I wanted them to train me to be a slave. So I had to search around online to see if there was anyone out there that would be interested.

I spent a lot of time looking over that mens chastity blog and gained a lot of knowledge on what it means to be trained as a chastity slave, but it didn’t help me find anyone at first. The good news is that I did finally find someone to train me and I have regular sessions with them. It’s not nearly as tough or strict as I thought it was going to be, but it isn’t exactly a cake walk, either. I just wish that I had had the chance to pick this lifestyle up a bit earlier in my life, but you deal with what you have.

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