New men’s swimwear, short shorts and vagina look suits.

I am so happy the new collection is out and now I can completely turn my attention to having fun, just kidding. Now I can turn my attention to the short shorts of my dream. The new Daisy Dukes are the creation of two of my designers from their own ideas. I like them a lot but they are not my dream shorts. I want shorts that plunge deep into the ass showing off the size and shape of the cheeks in graphic detail. Speaking of graphic detail it is summer again when a young man’s thoughts turn once again to making the ultimate vagina look suit. Not sure about the young man part, at least young at heart but definitely driven to find what I believe to be the holy grail of pussy look wear for men. I wish I was driven to find a cure for global warming or world hunger but I guess I will need to settle for making people happy and excited.  I am working on some wicked twisted ideas. Will keep you boys informed.

Mens swimwear

One thought on “New men’s swimwear, short shorts and vagina look suits.”

  1. Hey Michael,

    Will the new short shorts be available early or late Augus? I have hesitated to purchase the pussy shorts because I want ones that REALLY expose my cheeks.

    It is going a little slower than I would like

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