Your grea mens swimwear and fetish wear ideas get me hard!

I love your ideas. You should e-mail them, post them here or even call them in. If it is something that gets you hard it most likely will excite me too. The reason I am posting this today is that I received a call this morning from a new customer that had ordered a couple of new designs and asked me about a couple of others he and his partner were looking for. He went into detail and I told him that we did not have exactly what he was looking for but the ideas were so erotic and hot I told him that I would work on new designs based on what he was looking for. I am not sure the ideas will work but any cock design spandex suit or super extreme swimsuit is worth a try. I already sent the details to my girls to make samples!

Mens swimwear

One thought on “Your grea mens swimwear and fetish wear ideas get me hard!”

  1. How about a manic pouch or a Testosterone Pouch is something besides black? A nice blue or orange…something that stands out and doesn’t look like dark pubic hair from afar?! I’d love to help you try on the new editions too 😉

    No plans for other colors yet but would like to hear from other guys and ideas for colors.

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