Crazy swimsuits and why can’t they go topless?

Most of the time trying on new designs is not only fun but very erotic and sexual, other times it is not all that much fun and sometimes it is like putting your balls in a washing machine. Most of Fridays try on session went great but one suit in particular, a male to female transformation designs we have been working on and failing to get right for years is almost perfect. I want a fem style suit that not only make the wearer look like he has a vagina I want one that shows off his clit and some pink to like a real spread pussy. We are just about there. On Friday the girls could not believe that I had an exposed clit and that with my lips spread it completely looks like the spread lips on a very tight vagina. They brought me over a mirror to see the full effect and it was amazing. The down side was the suits cut is still not perfect and getting my balls in the right way took three sets of hands and some rough handling ball moments. As you all know they can be very sensitive.


Girls at the beach: why can’t I go topless? We are still having strange weather for this time of year in LA. I was telling a friend from out of state that we had more sun at the beach in January. June gloom all summer but I hope it gets better this week. Saturday I hit the beach later in the day and it was very nice out, lots of people coming to the beach late with the same idea. Found a great spot right near the lifeguard tower and peeled off down to my very micro swimsuit. A few minutes after that a few girls in their early twenties were setting up next to me and I heard one say to the other “that guys suit is smaller than mine” followed by “why can’t we go topless”. I did not hear any more of the conversation but the question is a good one. I would love to know why men are allowed to go without tops and women cannot.  Does anyone out there know?

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  1. There is no federal law against public nudity. State, county, and city laws forbid it except in a few public areas. Miami Beach is a good example and parts of Venice, CA can be topless and thongs/strings. This country is still stuck on Puritanical ideas towards public nudity and I doubt if it will change soon. European countries do not have this backwards way of thinking. That is why I try to vacation where the Europeans are. I am getting hard just thinking about St Martin,FWI and Playa del Carmen and Tulum,MX.

  2. Tell them to come to Ohio — they can legally go topless with a very minimal g-string in ANY Ohio STATE PARK, whether anybody likes it or not!

    Of course, we don’t have the ocean here….bummer.

    Is that really true?

  3. Tell the young ladies to experiment with topless for a while while at the beach, just in their group, not walking around that way. They’ll get the satisfaction of trying something forbidden w/o attracting rangers.

    And if a ranger does walk up, claim to be from Europe where “it’s customary”, and put the tops back on. Fun, yes?

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