Peek at a new men’s swimwear design

Thought I would post one of the new designs we are working on. The fit was just amazing. My cock was so wonderfully packaged in this wet look tight fitting spandex suit. I love the artistic take on men’s swimwear that this design offers. What you see was an idea from one of our customers with some changes that we added. I am really excited about this one. Glad the wet spot did not go through the fabric because the juices were flowing big time when  I took the suit off it almost looked like I was cuming.

Mens swimwear

2 thoughts on “Peek at a new men’s swimwear design”

  1. hey michael david
    love the new photo of you in the awesome new swimwear the suit is super hot as always love the hot new color and your penis looks like its ready to be eaten .your balls look extremely super hot in this suit .overall your body and package gets better in every photo you postkeep posting your super hot pictures


  2. This is such a work of art. I wish Matt Damon could
    put this on in the Candelabra movie. Of course that
    would be out of character, since it was set in the 50’s.

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