Short shorts and new suits

I tried on many of the new designs today but only one pair of shorts. The short shorts are coming along slowly but the pair I did try on went as far up my ass as could be imagined and really showed off the cheek shape nicely. I will talk about the different designs in the next couple of posts. The one big surprise was that the girls had samples of the two designs I blogged about the other day ready to try on.

I even had them snap a couple shots that I will post.

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4 thoughts on “Short shorts and new suits”

  1. Hi,

    I’m glad that the short shorts you’re making are coming along nicely especially since you said that they go as far up the ass as possible.
    On a side note, I purchased the daisy dukes on your website and I have to say its fantastic! I love the color, stretchiness and the back pockets. My only quip is something that I hope you will mend in the upcoming short shorts. Please make more pouch room, a LOT more pouch room. My balls are literally split and when erect, the head just spills out the top or is pressed tightly against my body. Otherwise they are as close to perfect short shorts as can be.

    I would like to see a picture of that!

  2. Hi-
    I just purchased a pair of Daisey Duke Shorts and have some feed back. I really like them but here is what I would like to see offered/added.
    They need a pouch in front- that traps your stuff and sticks it out for all to notice- now I just fall out the sides and do not want to wear anything under them so can’t wear them to the store, etc. (I wear them with a really tight tank top that shows off my enlarged nipples)
    Also they could be 30% smaller and a lighter blue
    denim so with the pouch you would be more noticeable.
    Thank you
    And I will subscribe to this post.
    Great stuff! I always draw attention when I wear Koala suits.
    Looking forward to a modified Daisey Dukes short shorts.

    Thanks for the feedback

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