Short shorts crazy and male Labia

Short shorts crazy and male Labia


Just got back from a fitting with the girls this morning and I must say that making the perfect short shorts is driving me crazy. I tried on one of the best looking designs we have made so far but the problem is getting it to show the complete cheeks outline and have a rear that plunges deep into me. I was not sure we were on the same page with this style so after giving it some thought I took a piece of elastic connected it to the crotch and then pulled it as hard as I could into my crack but over the fabric. It all came to life and I could see the girls saw exactly what I was looking for. The shorts are in white and with the elastic pulled in that tight you could see the complete detail of what my ass looked like. That is what I want, I see it every day at the gym girls with everything from amazing ass’s to big meaty butts but all with spandex so far up their butts I can see their holes outline. The spandex pulled in like that does a great job of enhancing your ass profile. A nice butt becomes a perfect butt! We are getting their! Trying to create a perfect ass for all Koala customers.

One of the designs I talked about last week was a male to female transformation suit that is designed in such a way showing not only the shape of the lips but a little exposed male Labia. I thought the suit was fantastic last week but the girls saw a change they wanted to do and the one I tried on today was just magnificent. I slipped it on looking in the mirror and then pulled out a little meat. I thought it looked incredible, just like a vagina with the lips slightly spread showing off Labia. I called the girls over and said look now I am really one of the girls. The giggles were non-stop.

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  1. When you get the shorts perfected, it would be thoughtful of you to come out with a pair of exercise or running tights with that same rear design for those of us who live where it gets a little chilly in the winter. Maybe in black – charcoal – or a denim look fabric.

  2. Any suit that splits the balls would be one of my favorite. I’d love to see a suit that not only splits the balls but then spreads them as far apart as possible. I have a slave whose balls I spread far apart with a leather device, and then I like to see him squirm as I work on his spread nuts. If this could be done with a suit instead of a leather spreader, it would be great.

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