Micro bikinis and new friends. Short Shorts update


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I looked up and said hello. He said nice suit and it did not sound like a pick-up line. I said thanks and of course added it was a Koala Bikini. (I am always working even if I am notJ) He said it is very small and asked if I had had any problems with the police since there was no rear on it. I said it’s a bikini but I was wearing it as a thong and had never had a problem with the police wearing this style suit in fact they just drove past me and said hi.  I have used much smaller suits and was only bothered once by the police in a helicopter never the guys on the beach. Have the lifeguards ever said anything to you about wearing a thong he asked and I said I often would tan next to the tower and I talk to some of the lifeguards but never about my swimwear and they seem to be totally cool with it and added there are many other men wearing suits like this. He said not quite that small but I like the way it looks. He then told me that he wife had given him a bikini but he was too shy to wear it on the beach. I said that was a shame and that I would be out all the time in it if I lived here. Wow beautiful place you have here I would love to have a place on the beach (way out of my league at 2+million!) I said if you wife bought you a bikini she must want to see you wearing it. I’m sure she does he said and a second later she appeared on the deck and said she wanted him to wear it but he was chicken. Look at how nice your new friend looks in his bikini she said and pointed at me. Thanks. We chatted a little longer I asking how long they had lived by the beach and they asked how long I had been coming here both answers were a long time.  By the way my name is Michael and they introduced themselves as Steve and Kate. Kate I am sure I have seen you by the beach before and she said she was always down there. Steve you have got to wear that bikini for her the next time you hit the beach always ready to convert the willing. I might he said and Kate said get tan in that bikini and I just might get you one as small as Michaels.



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Short Shorts

I just wanted to update you on our new Short shorts. It is finally coming together! We will be offering at least five new short shorts by mid to late October along with about nine new suit designs. The shorts are just amazing showing off cheek shape better than any I have ever seen and every bit as sexy as any tiniest shorts you see the girls wearing. I am very excited about them.

Men’s swimwear, sex wear, fetish spandex and yes spandex underwear.

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  1. When you sunbathe as you describe, wearing minis, I know you get a total and hair-free tan! I notice that you and your models all shave their entire crotch and hole. I shave my balls every morning to keep my ball sack silky smooth and without stubble, before doing a vigorous set of ball exercises. I do it dry with a Mach 3 safety razor, stretching out the sack skin. I don’t shave my pubs or around my hole. (I would probably shave around my hole too, but I can’t do it by myself.) I wonder what shave habits other guys have?

    I had my entire bikini area, penis shaft and hole laser hair removed. That was years ago and I still do some shaving but even my skin doctor asked how I was so hair free down there. There is an electric back hair trimmer on Amazon that can clean your hole very effectively. I ordered a Tria Laser and will be working to remove the rest of my hair. I might even do a video of it for KMC.

  2. I really enjoyed your story about meeting the shy man and then his wife. You are definitely a trend-setter for that beach, and at the pool where you live.

  3. Really nice story, that’s we are so turned on by wearing Koala suits in public.

    Would be nice if you could fabric a sillicone ass spark cockring with a beautiful penis head to fuck my ass while I tan my hot body.

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