Micro bikinis and new friends

Micro bikinis and new friends

I did it again I played hooky from work Wednesday afternoon. I did feel guilty so I ended up working that evening but I just could not help but go to the beach.  I have a site that I check called www.watchthewater.org The site is awesome because you can see the weather at our local beaches via a real time video feed, it is a site by Los Angeles county and it is one of the few things they do well, that and keep our beaches clean. I glanced up on my monitor and saw it was perfect so I took off right after lunch. Always having swimwear in my car I changed when I got there. I slipped off my work clothes, shorts and a sleeveless top and slipped on my bikini. I was just about to put on a pair of our new Daisy Dukes but figured why not just be brave and go like this. I wish I could say how easy it is for me to just do it but it is still a bit unnerving. I fought that feeling and headed down to the beach my micro swimsuit on, my towel and water and nothing else. If I ran into a group of people, lifeguards or friends it was just me and little else. Being a Wednesday afternoon the beach was not too busy, a few couples, a group of surfers and a handful of girls. Took a spot between them, enjoyed the sun, a little dip in the water and a nap. I stayed about two hours hoping to miss some of our famous city traffic but that was not to be. Time to leave I headed back to my car wearing my bikini as a pure thong, a couple of police drove by me slowly waved and smiled as they passed. I was almost to my car and I heard someone say hi! I looked up and it was a man a few years older than me on the patio of his beautiful beachfront condo.


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  1. Hi Michael,

    I recently moved to LA and was wondering where you usually go to thong? I’ve thonged at Venice before and it seemed pretty accepting. What other beaches are your favorite to thong at? Also, can you recommend any public pools, spas, etc. in the LA area where thonging is accepted and/or practiced?

    Bob I have found that most beaches from San Diego to Santa Barbara are fine with micro swimwear.
    Public Pools I keep for Los Vegas and Spas Glen Ivy in Glen Ivy has no problem with men or women walking around in thongs.

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