Oxballs and Brazilian wax weekend

The long weekend was not quite as long as I would have liked. We did a photo shoot on Saturday for a new line of silicone products we will be offering from OxBalls. They are nothing short of amazing. The best quality and most exciting silicone toys and contraptions  for men I have ever seen. I was just going through the photos and they came out great. Well worth the all that man to man sweat. It was hot as hell where we shot in more ways than just the heat, a very good shoot indeedJ

It has been hot as hell in LA but the beach has been hit or miss. I did have a wonderful day at the beach Sunday. I had on my usual ultra micro bikini and had on a sample pair of our new short shorts.  These were very cool looking in black and they ran deep up my ass. I used them as both a swimsuit and as a cover up. The beach was packed, parking was a bitch and we had to walk a few blocks. It was fun with walking with about 20% of my cheeks showing, sexy but not to over the top.  Surf was nice and the shorts made me so streamline bodysurfing in the waves. With so many people around each time I came back from bodysurfing and peeled off my very tiny shorts to expose an extremely tiny swimsuit there were some very interested spectators. One guy walked by me and said to his girlfriend I think you should get a Brazilian wax like his and he was not joking about it.

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  1. Any idea when the Oxballs line will be available? Hope you’ll be carrying the “nut sack”.

    Yes we will it is awesome and I would guess a couple more weeks max



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