Proving an extreme bikini point.

Proving an extreme bikini point.


I went to the beach this last Saturday with a straight friend that I am trying to convert to a public spandex freak.  He will wear the smallest G-string at my pool parties but will not even wear a bikini to the beach he always wears those stupid long shorts. He knows how small the suits are that I wear and he is fine with that, he just will not wear one himself. I asked him if he would think about wearing a bikini or something even smaller if girls would like to see him in one. He said most likely. I said when we get to the beach why don’t you lay out away from me and let’s see where the girls go, next to you in your shorts or next to me wearing almost nothing. He was game. The beach was awesome and very hot but not as crowded as you might think because for some strange reason many people stop going to the beach after Labor Day. There were way more girls there than men, I believe because there was so much college football on TV. My friend set up shop about fifty feet away from me and we were both about the same distance from the water. Since we get there after I am done playing basketball the first thing I do is take a nap. A half hour later I was surrounded by nothing but girls and two surfer guys with their beautiful Brazilian girlfriends. Surfer guys in general are not going to put their towels almost on top of the guy laying out wearing a thong but in this case they did. If my legs were shaved I might think they had mistaken me for a girl but since they were not I figure that their girlfriends who were also wearing thongs must of picked the spot. My friend had very few people around him. I waived him over making my point. I told him that I was not sure why it attracts so many girls but my opinion has always been they figure I a gay and will not hit on them but that it opens up so many options to talk to people. I chatted up the surfers girls and they both thought I was either European or from South America. My friend told me that after seeing me standing in my thong (my micro bikini used like a thong) and the girls in their thongs he just might give a bikini a shot next time out. I said once you go micro spandex in public there is no turning back.

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  1. This relates more to an earlier post. I really like suits that split my balls and spread them far apart to give the effect of labia with my cock suppressed in between. But I have pretty big balls. It would make for more convincing labia if I could somehow push my nuts up into my body and then have the labia formed by my split but empty scrotum. Doing it by hand, the scrotal skin really is convincing as labia. Is there a suit that can do this? Keeping my balls pushed up like that can be painful after a while, but I don’t mind that at all, if I can get a convincing visual switch in genitals.

  2. Hi there Michael!
    Great that trial you did with your “Bermuda”-friend.Ok – I m wearing since many years only G-Strings at public swimming pools, lakes and on holiday places. And I can confirm: allways more girls (the “man-experienced” especially with 40 years and + ) are laying around me and – but only the first hour! – it seems they wouldn t have conversation + contact to me. But the ice melts very fast and very interesing contacts I could get on this way … Ok – some of these “Potatosack-Bermuda”-guys are looking angry – but nobody forces them … wearing such shitty swimgear! And not only onces I was asked: what is it and where I can buy such a tiny thing … Clandestine a lot of guys agree to Tangas, Strings – and even smallest G-Strings – but only concealed. But they “dont t have the balls” being apart of this rediculous “Bermuda”-trend … !

    Never the less: Bermudas while you swim and tan? No aphorism is pointing it out better as: The common sense is not very common!

    Best regards from Germany/Muenchen (Munich)

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