Underwear, swimwear, fetish wear or?

I have a quick question for all you spandex guys. Do you wear your Koala designs as swimwear, underwear, fetish wear or?





16 thoughts on “Underwear, swimwear, fetish wear or?”

  1. All three, except for those suits which cannot be worn in a public place. The underlying reason for wearing Koala suits in general: the incredible sensations they produce!

  2. Swimwear and for lounging around the house Also, because I live in a cooler climate, will use some as underwear. Would like to wear to social gatherings with other people who like to dress minimally, but have not found such a gathering yet.

  3. I try to tan in the most micro swimsuit when I can and Koala are made for that. Love to play in it with a sexy babe who is into spandex too.. Just love Koala Fetish wear to increase the stimulation on my cock and my ass… Perfection, it makes me feel so sexy!

  4. I wear my Koala designs mainly as underwear – but only because I don;t have anywhere suitable that I could wear them as swimwear.

    planning to move house soon – so hoping to get one with a nice garden – so that the KS designs will get more use as they were intended 🙂

  5. I have a variety of spandex and streach fabric underwear that I enjoy wearing everyday. Snug and form fitting is what I like.

  6. I use mine for swimming when I’m feeling randy and depending on how busy the pool is. It’s fun to catch women eyeing me! (Men try hard not to look). I also wear mine as a lead up to sex, with myself or with my wife.

  7. this past summer i wore several thongs sunning and swimming both in my yard and at public beaches.sometimes i wear them under yoga pants for yoga class or errands, most eveything i do except when i go commando and definitely when i am looking for self arousal. i really stretch out the suits, the small pouches don’t really cover me which only “aggravates” the situation. my exhibitionist tendencies get the better of me sometimes and what better way to be showing off than wearing the hot MD designs!

  8. I wear mine primarily as underwear but I live in Iowa so I would wear them as swimsuits if we had private pool parties or beaches.

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