Confusing swimwear fun

Today was one of those perfect Southern California days. 80 degrees with a nice
breeze. Weather that just forced me to take a little pool break and get some
sun. I knew I would be the only one around the pool today so I decided to wear
one of the new designs that should be on soon. It is called “Gender Bias” and if you can’t guess by the name it is an ultimate feminizing
tiny little thong. What makes this design so hot is how it reshapes you. Showing
off your tiny little lips in a perfect vagina shape and with no sign at all of having
a penis. I got out there and enjoyed the sun. I was completely getting in touch
with my feminine side something I feel every man should have a chance to
explore. Within about thirty minutes of getting there the entire pool area was full
of people. As it turns out a new Korean family had moved in and they decided to
enjoy the weather with their friends and to BBQ a little food. I met a few of the new neighbors, they all seemed extremely nice. I did notice multiple glances down below at my micro
suit as they were talking to me along with a number of smiles and looks from their friends. How confusing a sight that must have been
for the uninitiated. I would have loved to been able to understand the Korean
they were speaking to each other. How entertaining would that of been!

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4 thoughts on “Confusing swimwear fun”

  1. That LABIA LOOK! I love suits that split my balls and push them apart while hiding my cock, producing the effect of beautiful labia. I’ve got several Koala suits that do this, including a couple of Diablos. I’d like to go one step beyond this, and I’m wondering if there is a suit that might be modified to do it. I have big balls so the labia look a little too full to be convincing. Ideal would be a suit that split balls and then pushed them up into my body with my generous loose hanging scrotum forming the labia. Loose hanging scrotum looks a lot more like labia, too, especially when it isn’t stretched out thin with balls in it.

    Incidentally, I really like to feel of my balls split and pushed extremely far apart, even four or five inches. I’ve done this by a modification of a tight jock strap, but I would love a well-made suit that split my balls not just with a narrow band, but with a flat band at least a few inches wide. The visual effect would be beautiful too, especially if a guy has big balls, and it would allow each ball to have its own personality. (I like to think of my balls as being two distinct sexual organs, each with its own feel and temperament. I’ve even wondered about a suit that suppressed my cock and one ball and left just one jutting out and exposed–just as a change of pace. I have a pair of Good Devil “shorts” that do just that, but not with the great feel of Koala-spandex.)

    And suggestions as to suits I might try for any of these looks?

  2. Hi MD. I’m looking for a thong based suit that will allow me to tuck my penis up with a ball splitter at the base. I live in Tampa and mostly wear women’s shorts with a 2″ or smaller inseam (size 9). I’m slender, 5’10” with a runner’s build. I actually am a runner. If I wear shorts pretty tight over some of my N2N thongs, the seam in the shorts through the crotch divides my balls and gives me a sort of camel toe look – and it’s comfortable too. Your Pumped Up suit looks like a good starting place to solve my problem. I haven’t found any thong that will reliably keep my shaft tucked up, but your Pumped Up suit solves that problem, and then with separate pockets for the balls or a seam that keeps them spread – possibly accomplished with just a tight crotch seam – I would have the perfect solution to keep little otter and the boys comfortable and out of sight. I’d love to see what you can do and will be happy to pay for prototypes. BTW I generally wear a medium and am 32″ at the waist and 36″ 4″ below my waist where my low rise thongs ride. Thanks.

    naked otter aka Harold Harkins

    Take a look at some of the male to female transformation designs we just added.

  3. Bill, please post some pictures of your wide split balls. You sound outstanding, I love wide split testicles and you appear to have some of the best! I envy your big balls and extra wide split capability. I love seeing balls sticking straight out to the sides

  4. I would love to see the gender bias in a nude color so it would be easy to conceal under panties. I love to wear my gender bias under lace panties as it makes me very feminine!

    I also wear my GB under various feminine swim bottoms at the pool and am often asked to cover up the top half. The labia is very convincing under anything including yoga pants!

    I love your products and I cant wait to see whats next!

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