Thanksgiving tanning surprise and The biggest SALE of the YEAR


First things first today starts, our biggest sale of the year. I am not into all that Black Friday crap but I thought it made some sense to get our December Newsletter out a little early since it is the first one since October. Next newsletter will be for February.

We are still getting some real nice weather here in Los Angeles and I used my lunch on Tuesday to get some rays. Mid 70s felt just right on my almost completely exposed body. Ten minutes after stripping down to my tiny micro swimsuit which happened to be a thong I found myself busy talking with a bunch of nice neighbors I had not seen for a year or so. They were actually the daughter and her family in from Chicago who had just arrived to visit with her mom. The moms unit overlooks the pool so they have seen me many times and laying out in a thong was no shock at all to them.. They all came over to say hi and the Sara being a very funny lady said I could never get away with tanning naked in Chicago during the month of November. I asked if I could get away with it anytime of the year, she laughed and said we have some hip beaches in Chicago. Their kids are now teenagers and they all seemed excited to be visiting Grandma and doing the tourist things people do in LA along with enjoying the weather. I remember a couple of years ago Sara hanging out around the pool wearing a little string bikini and thinking she fit right in with the LA lifestyle.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays of the year. We will be back at work on Friday getting those holiday gifts out. BTW the new Fem styles are the early top sellers in our newest collection.