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We never rest when it comes to making new swimwear and fetish wear designs for men.  I love creating new designs for our customers but I also love designing them for myself. I get the same turn on you get trying them on when a new design finds its way into my hands. It is very much the same as when you get an order in the mail. After all these years I still totally get that.  I also cannot stress enough how important your feedback on our designs and your ideas are to us. This morning I was on the phone with a long time customer. He ordered a number of new products and then said why not make the new Fire Starter in that Coco sheer fabric. The fabric he was talking about was the same fabric the Pierced is made in. I thought it was a fantastic idea. The Fire Starter packs your cock so beautifully and yes it would be super hot in a sheer fabric so we are going to give it a shot.

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5 thoughts on “Your help for new swimwear and fetish wear”

  1. You say “I also cannot stress enough how important your feedback on our designs and your ideas are to us.” Yet there hasn’t been a single feedback posted to your blogs in the last two months. Do you even check any more? The reactions used to be as interesting, or more so, than the original blogs. I used to add ractions to your blogs, but stopped doing it because they don’t get published any more.

    Hi Bill you are right that I do not always stay up with posting the feedback but I read everyone of them every day. I will try to do a much better job posting them.

  2. A lot of us girls like dressing our guys up in Koala gear for play sessions.
    How about the wet wonder in blue with a second pouch for the balls. I want to be able to lick the shaft and those beautiful balls.

    I’d also like to some designs with those two piece rings that just go around the balls I like to put those on my guy, they make him look so cute and his shaft looks longer.

    How about do some fun suits for us girls as well???

    Kisses, Lizzy

    I need a female model are you game

  3. Lizzy, you sound like every mans dream! Love to hear more of your preferences concerning ball rings, ball splitters and ball display in general! Most males love getting their balls sucked!

    I agree

  4. Sorry guys, I would be mortified if someone spotted me as a model.

    How about the Money Shot suit with a thong or g string rear? I just adore suits with a removable pouch. They are so much fun for us girls when sitting next to our guy in the hot tub! As I said before, those split ball rings are just adorable, I would just love to see them used in some Koala designs. They make a guys balls look so cute and sexy!

    I would LOVE some Koala designs for us girls! I have a Sylvie Monthule g string with a fingers that inserts into my vagina that drives me crazy.

  5. I am just full of ideas. How about the Meat Packer in blue with a waistband and buttstrap. The Meat Packer is so cool! I had my BF ringed up in the Meat Packer and myself and a girlfriend licked and sucked him silly for over 15 minutes before he EXPLODED! It was a HUGE volume. I have never seen him so hard and long, it was a beautiful moment for all of us. The Meat Packer makes him perform so well!

    Kisses, Lizzy

    Lizzy you should at least send me some photos. The idea just might happen!

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