More Beverly hills gym

The locker room was beautiful. I was happy I had grabbed my bikini. They have a very nice coed Jacuzzi and in Beverly Hills I thought there might be other guys wearing bikinis or Speedos. I did my full workout and then changed into my bikini. There was no one else in the locker room so I walked over to the steam room in nothing but my micro swimsuit. There were a few other guys in the wrapped in towels. I just sat I mine and relaxed. After the heat I thought a nice dip in the Jacuzzi would be nice and the truth is I felt very comfortable walking around in my tiny suit. I walked right by a couple of guys who worked at the gym and they did not give me a second look. At that point I knew men must wear swimsuits other than shorts here. I got to the Jacuzzi and there were a few mid twenties girls who once they were out of the water I could see were wearing very sexy bikinis and a couple guys one in shorts and the other wearing a Speedo. I chatted a little and was pleasantly surprised by how hot the water was. I find that most gyms do not keep it that hot. I was leaving to go back into the locker room a few more people got into the Jacuzzi as I was getting out. One looked like she was shocked to see me but a huge grin followed. Maybe they are not used to seeing swimsuits on guys that small. Still brave I walked over to the shower and rinsed off, grabbed my towel and walked into the men’s locker room. There was a very nice looking guy in the shower and I walked over pulled of my bikini, rinsed it off and showered up. He looked over at me and said nice tan. The locker room started to get busy but if it was just the two of us who knows what might have happened.