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We are still having an amazing summer in SoCal. I was at the beach with friends on Saturday and Sunday. They were both we fantastic sunny days. I was stuck at work on Monday but checked out Santa Monica Beach on one of my favorite web sites which has a free live cam and the beach was packed. It was 78 degrees and sunny as can be. It is not all fun and games here we would be happy to send you our nice weather and sunny days in exchange for lots of rain!!!! One of the new designs now in production is a pair of shorts that can be used for play, erotic wear or as a sensuous swimsuit. This was a customer’s idea from the UK, taking a pair of short shorts and adding a distinct penis shape front pouch, a built in adjustable cock ring to keep you nice and hard and our matt finished black rubber look spandex make these shorts the most realistic form fitting design on the planet. Everything is covered but the beauty of the male penis is the central part of the design and the eye goes naturally to it. On top of the penis centric design your ass looks perfect with the base of the cheeks being cupped nicely.

Men’s Swimwear

6 thoughts on “More on new ultimate men’s swimwear and shorts design”

  1. hi michael david
    huge fan of your designs especially the ones that require the butt plugs and show the shaft off like these new shorts . was wondering if you would be able to design a pair of mens cycling shorts like this and add some padding to the crotch area for comfort. as a male cyclist i spend alot of time in spandex shorts /tights and always have a buldge upfront anyway .would love to be able to keep my shaft up front and demand attention like theses shorts do.i would love to see theses shorts in white lycra .what do you think ?
    keep these great designs coming

    Kris do you want cycling shorts with a bulge, a penis shaped bulge or one with a bulge and a butt plug?

  2. Will that be inconvenient to pee or get fondled? Maybe the pouch should be zippered?
    That fabric is hot, it looks like expensive car seats!

    Zippers and exposed penis skin are just not a great mix. I learned that the hard way.

  3. I would never have imagined they could look so good WOW how about I send you some rain and you send us some sun and a pair of these and the great pouch you posted below what more could any one wish for ?

    Send us the rain and it’s a deal

  4. hey michael david
    would love to both types of cycling shorts one pair to allow the natural buldge to show freely and the other to have a penis shaped buldge and a large butt plug .would love to see them done in a shiny white lycra . ps. if we could add some padding to the crotch area would be awesome have to remember we spend alot of time on a narrow seat . keep up the awesome designs you rock as a mens designer

    It is an interesting idea I will look into it.

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