New huge bulge men’s swimsuit and photo


One of the other designs that will be in the next collection is a extremely sexy thong with a huge bulge enhancing pouch. This is the perfect design for when you want to be the Alpha Male (That sounds so good I am going to call this new design The Alpha Male!) when you hit that next pool party or the day at the beach that you really want to stand out. The picture below is of me wearing this suit and as huge as the bulge is I can tell you my penis at the time was no larger than 2”. I think the effect is both amazing and awe inspiring. It is in fact just my cock be manipulated in a way to create this fantasy.

Mens swimwear

This huge bulge is all me!

5 thoughts on “New huge bulge men’s swimsuit and photo”

  1. hey michael david
    picture is super hot love the shiny red color of this suit . it really makes your cock look huge. looks like your package is a bag of fresh picked cherries which i would love to devour.awesome new design as always

    Sounds like fun!

  2. Hey Mike, this bulge looks amazing on you. Love how it pushes everything out and looks super huge!
    Will definitely have to get myself one for my next pool party


  3. That huge bulge thong should be made in black shiny wetlook spandex with a penis buttplug and called The Black Demon… Nothing is like a big cock in a black shiny suit!

    Sounds like a great idea!

  4. I definely buy this suit if you materialize my fantasy… really hard thinking about it… lot more ideas of suits to come!

  5. I love it and can’t stop thinking about pulling it to the side and giving your penis and smooth bag a little tongue worshipping! This is one suit that I would love to see in a his ‘n hers version! THat fabric would look so hot stretched tight over my pierced vagina!

    Kisses, lizzy

    Sounds like fun!!!

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