Nice tan line in the shower room


I was at a meeting yesterday in Beverly Hills and decided to workout at a gym in the area. I was even brave and packed a tiny bikini to go in the Jacuzzi. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was all the great looking people. If you have never been to Beverly Hills and walked around the streets you would be amazed. There are more beautiful people walking around there than in any city I have ever been. Before my meeting I walked around Rodeo Drive and the other streets for about an hour. I am not big into shopping but I love people watching. There are beautiful men and women from all over the world. Let’s get back to the gym. There were also a ton of hot people at the gym and none of the giant steroid muscle guys I am used to seeing at my regular gym. Those guys are so big you feel like a little girl next to them. At the Beverly Hills gym I actually looked like I had some decent sized guns.

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