One more photo of new swimwear sex wear design

Our summer is finally over. I had two nice days by the pool but now it is cooling off. Maybe we will even get a little rain. I was just writing copy for our next collection and reading it back I get an erection. Sometimes I can’t believe how aroused spandex gets me.  One of the new designs I was talking about is a suit that gets me so hard every time I put it on it seems to channel my inner porn star. I’m talking about pre-Viagra amazingly hard porn star. I can see the veins showing through the spandex and my head as hard as a rock.
Last photo until I get my body looking better!

Men’s Swimwear

2 thoughts on “One more photo of new swimwear sex wear design”

  1. Any spot to hook up a nice butt plug to help that cock to leak precum? Looks like another wicked suit.

  2. That is just too cute! I love it! It would be even cuter with a splitter strap to separate those smooth, sexy balls! I have tried different sizes of those triple rings on my guy, but none are sized right to fit him. He has rather large balls.

    Have you thought about getting your goodies pierced?? I made my lover get a number of piercings and I just adore them!

    I love the way piercings look on men and women but my tiny penis is just not ready for it.

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